Use this interactive mapping application to view key environmental and conservation information in Ayrshire.

Use your mouse, keyboard, or the navigation controls on the map to move your map view. Use the navigation controls on the map as follows:

  • Arrows - Click the appropriate arrow buttons to move the view north, south, east or west or north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east; and
  • Zoom - Click + to zoom in on the centre of the map. Click - to zoom out

Click Search to view the options for redrawing the map at your area of interest. Next click on a feature on the map to view information about it.

Click Map Layers to view a list of the different environmental features that can be drawn on the map. Click the box beside the layer you are interested in to switch this layer on or off in the map.

Click the Help button to view the "Using the Interactive Maps" help guide for further assistance in using this map.

Agriculture and soils data ©James Hutton Institute. Used with permission from the James Hutton Institute.


Click the zoom-in icon + to redraw the map at this location.

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 Agriculture and Soils data ©James Hutton Institute
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